Research Initiatives

List of initiatives with ACoM participation.

DFG Research Unit 'SNuBIC'

SNuBIC (short title for Structure-preserving Numerical methods for Bulk and Interface-Coupling of heterogeneous models) is a team of researchers funded by the German Research Foundation under the grant number DFG FOR-5409 to investigate the modeling and simulation of coupled systems described by partial differential equations (PDEs). While the development of accurate numerical methods for various types of PDEs is still a very active research field, most complex applications are described by coupled systems of several PDEs, i.e. by heterogeneous models, like magnetised plasmas, complex fluids and electro-chemical processes. Key aspects of our research unit are bulk- and interface-coupling, structure-preserving numerical methods, and re-usable code development.

At ACoM, Daniel Doehring, Dr. Satyvir Singh and Eda Yilmaz are associated with the research unit.

DFG Research Training Group 'EDDY'

The Research Training Group Energy, Entropy, and Dissipative Dynamics (EDDY) combines analysis, modeling, and numerics of nonlinear partial differential equations coming from physics, materials science, and geometry. A common theme among the research projects is the use of energy and entropy functionals and their dissipation mechanisms as a tool for the investigation of the qualitative and quantitative behavior of solutions.

At ACoM, Vladimir Dordic and Ullika Scholz are associated with the group.

SFB 1481 Sparsity and Singular Structures

The SFB (German for SonderForschungsBereich; Special Research Area) 1481 combines the expertise of several mathematicians at RWTH Aachen University working in analysis, probability theory, numerical analysis, optimization and algebra and encompasses 18 scientific sub-projects addressing challenging problems in the above mentioned areas.

At ACoM, Lambert Theisen is associated with the group.

IRTG 2379 Modern Inverse Problems

The International Research Training Group (IRTG) „Modern Inverse Problems: From Geometry and Data to Models and Applications“, aims to educate and promote highly qualified doctoral candidates. The projects are embedded in the field of modern inverse problems and introduce a new innovative perspective into the education of future scientists and engineers. They focus on the challenges that arise in the interaction of the four specific themes: geometry, data, models, and applications.

At ACoM, Donat Weniger and Edilbert Christhuraj are associated with the group.