I am currently working with:

Former PhD students and Post-Docs (and selected Master students) are

  • Robert Artebrant, Post-Doc 2006/2007, now in industry at COMSOL software
  • Miroslav Cada, PhD 2009, now in industry at HelevetIng
  • Peter Kauf, PhD 2011, now faculty at Zurich University of Applied Sciences
  • Harish Kumar, PhD 2009, now faculty at IIT Dehli, India
  • Oliver Nowak, Post-Doc 2008/09, now teaching at Wilhelm Gymnasium Braunschweig
  • Kasper Müller, Master 2010, now in industry at Break Through Energy
  • Julia Schweitzer, Post-Doc 2008/09, moved to KIT
  • Anirudh Rana, Master 2008, now faculty at BITS Pilani, India
  • Daniel Wright, PhD student 2007-2009, moved to Zurich Instruments
  • Peter Delmont, Post-Doc 2010-2013
  • James McDonald, Post-Doc 2010-2012, now faculty at University of Ottawa
  • Paul Weber, Master 2011, moved to TU Darmstadt
  • Zhenning Cai, Post-Doc 2014-2016, now faculty at National Univ. Singapore
  • Pratyuksh Bansak, Master 2015, now post-doc USI, Switzerland
  • Vinay Gupta, PhD student 2011-2015, now faculty at IIT Indore, India
  • Armin Westerkamp, PhD student 2012-2017, now in industry
  • Julian Köllermeier, PhD student 2013-2017, now faculty at University of Groningen
  • Birte Schmidtmann, PhD student 2013-2017, now group leader at University of Hamburg
  • Maria Astrakhantseva, Master 2015, moved to University of Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Neeraj Sarna, PhD student 2016-2019, now in industry
  • Hossein Gorji, Post-Doc 2016-2019, now group leader at Institut for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland
  • Jonas Bünger, PhD student 2016-2021, now in industry
  • Mohsen Sadr, PhD student 2017-2020, now Post-Doc at MIT, USA

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