Teddy Pichard

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MATHCCES, Department of Mathematics, RWTH Aachen University,
Schinkelstr. 2, D-52062 Aachen, Germany
CELIA, Université de Bordeaux,
351 cours de la libération, 33400 Talence, France

Room (currently in Bordeaux): B13 in CELIA building
mail: Teddy Pichard

Research Interests

  • Angular moments models
  • The “Generalized Moment Problem”
  • Numerical methods for hyperbolic PDEs
  • Dose computation and optimization in radiotherapy

Short resume

2013-2016: Bordeaux (Université de Bordeaux) and Aachen (RWTH) : PhD student in cotutelle;
→ Thesis : “Mathematical modeling for dose deposition in photontherapy and protontherapy”
2012-2013: Bordeaux (Université de Bordeaux) : Research master in Applied Mathematics,
→ Thesis : “Moments models for radiotherapy dose simulation”
2010-2013: Bordeaux (ENSEIRB-MATMECA) : Engineering student in Applied Mathematics
2008-2010: Tours (Lycée Descarte) : CPGE student; Major : Mathematics and Physics
my CV


  • T. Pichard, D. Aregba-Driollet, S. Brull, B. Dubroca and M. Frank: Relaxation schemes for the M1 model with space- dependent flux: application to radiotherapy dose calculation, Commun. Comput. Phys., 19(01), 2016, pp 168-191
  • T. Pichard, G.W. Alldredge, S. Brull, B. Dubroca and M. Frank: The M2 model for dose simulation in radiationtherapy, Proc. 24th Int. Conf. on Transport Theory
  • T. Pichard, G.W. Alldredge, S. Brull, B. Dubroca and M. Frank: An approximation of the M2 closure: Application in radiotherapy dose simulation


  • Exercices for “Mathematische Grundlagen II”, RWTH Aachen, summer semester 2014

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