ProjectsWe offer projects for students of Mathematics or CES at various levels. These include Master- and Bachelor-Theses, which are typically advertized under the same topic title. Some projects are also available on the basis of a paid student employment ('HiWi').

Projects are typically related to our research fields, which involve all aspects of mathematical modeling, numerical methods and optimisation techniques. Projects typically incorporate multi-disciplinary aspects ran­ging from the analysis of numerical methods to implementation of algorithms, and may be motivated from various applications in the natural sciences such as chemistry and physics, and also engineering and environmental sciences.

List of Finished Projects

We collect the finished BSc, MS and PhD theses of our present and former students here. This also gives an overview about our research activities.


Examples of concrete projects from the individual research groups are listed below.

Group of Manuel Torrilhon

Teaching Assistants

Every semester we look for student helpers for our courses who are typically offered a paid student employment ('HiWi')

  • Tutorial classes and home work sessions for Mathematics I to IV and Partial Differential Equations in the study program CES.
  • Discussion groups and home work sessions for the class Ordinary Differential Equations in Mathematics
  • Implementation of Mathematica-Worksheets with the computable document format, detailed information can be found here

If you are interested please write an email to MathCCES secretariat.

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