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List of Finished Student Theses, Seminars and Presentations

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Type Author Title Year Advisor
MS Thesis Armin Westerkamp Finite Element Discretizations for Extended Gas Dynamics 2012 M. Torrilhon
MS Thesis Niklas Mevenkamp Inverse Modeling in Electron Probe Microanalysis based on Deterministic Transport Equations 2013 M. Torrilhon
BS Thesis Janis Braechter One-Dimensional Modelling of Channel Flows in an OpenFOAM-Solver for Conjugate Heat Transfer between Solids and Fluids 2014 M. Torrilhon / S. Tschunko (AixProcess)
BS Thesis Jannick Wolters Arc Simulations in OpenFOAM 2014 M. Torrilhon / V. Dousset (ABB)
BS Thesis Lucas Bischoff CFD Simulation of Internal Arc Faults in Gas-Insolated High-Voltage Switchgear 2014 M. Torrilhon / J. Ostrowski (ABB)
BS Thesis Philipp Milz Parallelization of a coupled 1D-3D solver for the simulation of a heat exchanger in an OpenFOAM environment 2014 M. Torrilhon / M. Hufschmidt (AixProcess)
MS Thesis Julian Koellermeier Hyperbolic Approximation of Kinetic Equations Using Quadrature-Based Projection Methods 2014 M. Torrilhon
BS Thesis Nikolas Siccha Stability Studies of Combined Finite- Element/Finite-Difference-Methods for Extended Fluid Equations 2015 M. Torrilhon
MS Thesis Maria Astrakhantceva Hybride Riemann-Leoser feur Hyperbolische Erhaltungsgleichungen 2015 M. Torrilhon / B. Schmidtmann
MS Thesis Neeraj Sarna Moment Equations for Chemically Reacting Gaseous Mixtures 2015 M. Torrilhon
PhD Thesis Vinay Kumar Gupta Mathematical modeling of rarefied gas-mixtures 2015 M. Torrilhon
MS Thesis Pratyuksh Bansal Fast Solver for Extended Gas Dynamics in 2D based on Maximum Entropy Closure 2016 M. Torrilhon / R. Schärer
PhD Thesis Roman Schaerer Entropy-based moment closures for rarefied gases and plasmas 2016 M. Torrilhon
Seminar Mario Koretz Eine spektrale Methode für die Boltzmann-Gleichung 2016 M. Torrilhon
BS Thesis Philipp Müller Macroscopic Electro Thermal Simulation of Contact Resistances 2016 M. Torrilhon / J. Ostrowski (ABB)
BS Thesis Maren Klever Fundamental solutions to a specific class of partial differential equations 2017 M. Torrilhon
BS Thesis Mathias Tesch Entwicklung einer Methodik zur Erzeugung einer Struktur optischer Grenzflächen zum effizienten Lichttransport 2017 B. Stamm
Seminar Christian Bauer Computing the Scalar Magnetic Potential using Spherical Harmonics 2017 B. Stamm
MS Thesis Christian Bauer Efficient Solvers for Computing the Scalar Magnetic Potential for Multiple Spheres 2017 B. Stamm / M. Hassan
MS Thesis Yannick Düren Multi-Physics Discretizations based on the Discontinuous Galerkin Method 2017 M. Torrilhon
MS Thesis Mohsen Sadr On the Fokker-Planck Description of the Dense Flows 2017 H. Gorji
PhD Thesis Mohsen Sadr Efficient Monte Carlo description of multi-phase and multi-scale fluid flows in kinetic theory 2020 H. Gorji
PhD Thesis Armin Westerkamp A Continuous Interior Penalty Method for the Linear Regularized 13-Moment Equations describing Rarefied Gas Flows 2017 M. Torrilhon
PhD Thesis Birte Schmidtmann On Building Blocks of Finite Volume Methods: Limiter Functions and Riemann Solvers 2017 M. Torrilhon
PhD Thesis Carl Zinner Numerics and boundary conditions for 13 moment equations with help from entropy 2017 H.C. Öttinger (ETH) /M. Torrilhon
SEP Internship Natalie Kubicki, Johannes Rousselli and Ruixin Zhou Analyse und Entwurfsdokument Visualization Of Molecular Surfaces 2017 B. Stamm
SiSc Lab Seminar Lucia Gullon, Nikhil Chhabra and Ushnish Sengupta Application of automatic differentiation to molecular dynamics 2017 B. Stamm
PhD Thesis Julian Koellermeier Derivation and Numerical Solution of Hyperbolic Moment Equations for Rare fied Gas Flows 2017 M. Torrilhon
MS Thesis Nikolas Siccha Space-time finite element discretization of the heat equation 2017 A. Reusken
BS Thesis Huber Meike Modellierung des Temperaturverlaufs an sensitiven Strukturen bei minimalinvasiven Eingriffen an der lateralen Schädelbasis 2018 M. Torrilhon / C. Voigtmann (WZL)
BS Thesis Markus Zimmermann Multi-objective optimization with surrogate models and adaptive sampling 2018 M. Torrilhon
BS Thesis Niclas Boehmer Solving Kinetic Equations Using Entropic Quadrature and the Discontinuous Galerkin Method 2018 M. Torrilhon
BS Thesis Tamme Claus Application of the Adjoint Method in Gradient-based Optimization to the M1-Model in Electron Beam Microanalysis 2018 M. Torrilhon / J. Bünger
PhD Thesis Alexander Jaust Novel implicit unconditionally stable time-stepping for DG-type methods and related topics 2018 J. Schütz (Hasselt) / M. Torrilhon
SiSc Lab Seminar Sundar Ganesh and Stefanos Mavros Chaotic Sensitivity Analysis using Shadow Operator Inversion 2018 B. Stamm
BS Thesis Christian Geller FEM Implementation of Winding Models for Transformer Simulations 2018 M. Torrilhon / J. Ostrowksi (ABB)
BS Thesis Lambert Theisen Automated Boundary Layer Mesh Generation for Simulation of Convective Cooling 2018 M. Torrilhon / C. Winkelmann (ABB)
Seminar Lucia Baltz Variational Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in the context of Computational Chemistry 2018 B. Stamm / M. Hassan
Seminar Hendrik Borchardt The Alternating Schwarz Method for solving Eigenvalue Problems by Inverse Power Iteration and Steepest Descent 2019 B. Stamm / M. Hassan
Seminar Lucia Baltz Continuum Solvation Models 2019 B. Stamm / M. Hassan
Seminar Philipp Schleich How to solve a linear system of equations using a quantum computer 2019 B. Stamm
Seminar Felix Wilms Influence of interface-mediated elastic relaxation of lithiation precipitates in aluminium electrodes 2019 B. Stamm / C. Hüter
BS Thesis Pawel Bittner Application of Grassmann Manifold Interpolation and Model Order Reduction to Eigenvalue Problems in Computational Chemistry 2019 B. Stamm / M. Hassan
Seminar Arghadwip Paul Reduced Order Modeling for Transport Problems 2019 B. Stamm
MS Thesis Lambert Theisen Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows Using the FEniCS Computing Platform 2019 M. Torrilhon
MS Thesis Hendrik Borchardt Iterative Domain Decomposition Methods for Eigenvalue Problems 2020 B. Stamm / L. Theisen
MS Thesis Philipp Schleich Regularization of Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers by means of Explicit Correlation 2020 B. Stamm / Dr. Jakob Kottmann
BS Thesis Nigel Nelles Modelling and numerical Simulation of a chain of neutral atoms coherently coupled to highly excited Rydberg states 2020 B. Stamm
Seminar Mario Drevers The Crystallization Conjecture 2020 B. Stamm / M. Hassan
Seminar Alexander Kristof Using a Spectral Inference Network to Solve the Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation for a Two-Dimensional Hydrogen Atom 2020 B. Stamm / L. Theisen
Project Thesis Corinna Müller, Matthias Geratz, Celine Heger, Johanna Meyer Evaluation and Implementation of Schrödinger-Type Eigenvalue Problems in Long Rectangular Domains using the Finite Element Method 2021 B. Stamm / L. Theisen
BS Thesis Philipp Rosendahl Acceleration of numerical calculation of the ground state of an by laser excited chain of rydberg atoms 2021 B. Stamm / M. F. Herbst

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