Meshless Methods

Introduction to Meshfree Approximation Methods, WS 2018/19

Vertr.-Prof. Dr. C. Rieger, Matthias Kirchhart

A class for students of CES, Mathematics and SiSc as well as everybody else interested.


In this lecture, we will discuss meshfree approximation methods. A main part of the lecture will focus on kernel-based approximation methods. Such methods are a common tool in machine learning but have also proven useful for the numerical solution of partial differential equations, and both areas will be addressed in the lecture. Especially in the field of partial differential equations we will discuss applications such as surface differential equation or differential equations with constraints (such as vanishing divergence).

Besides the theoretical foundations we will also discuss implementational details. There will also be programming exercises where the material can be applied.

Further information can be found on and here.


Tuesdays, 14:30 - 16:00 in Rogowski 328.

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